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  • 'Appalling': Celebs, Leaders React to Manchester Attack
    Posted by SHANNON HO on May 24, 2017 at 1:33 am

    After a deadly explosion at an Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England Monday night, fellow musicians, celebrities and world leaders took to social media to share their solidarity and support for the victims. The blast, described as a terrorist attack by a suicide bomber, followed the end of Grande's concert. The singer tweeted that she was "broken" from the tragedy.  Warning of 'Imminent' Attack, Britain Raises Threat Level British Prime Minister Theresa May called the bombing as "a callous terrorist attack," and Queen Elizabeth expressed "admiration for the way the people of Manchester have responded."[[423821464, C]] Ariana Grande Says She's 'Broken' After Manchester Attack President Donald Trump, during a visit to Bethlehem, condemned the "evil losers" behind the attack. He said it preyed on "innocent children" and that the "wicked ideology must be obliterated."Trump said, "civilized nations must join together to protect human life." He also called May to offer his condolences, according to press secretary Sean Spicer. Trump Condemns 'Evil Losers' Behind UK Concert Attack [[423823754, C]]ISIS claimed responsibility for the deadliest terrorist attack in Britain since the 2005 London subway bombings.Pop star Kesha was among the musicians who shared her support, writing, "praying for my old friend Ari- for her, her touring crew, her fans and their families i'm so sorry. My heart is with all of you."See what more public figures had to say on Twitter:[[423724944, C]]Photo Credit: Peter Byrne/AP This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser. […]

  • Rapper BIA Fundraiser for Victims
    Posted by JONATHAN CHOE and MELISSA BUJA on May 23, 2017 at 10:20 pm

    A Boston rap artist was the opening act at the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena in England on Monday where 22 people were killed and about 50 injured in an explosion.Bianca Landrau, known as BIA and Perico Princess, tweeted that everyone she was on stage with was OK following the incident. 'Appalling': Celebs, Leaders React to Manchester Attack The Boston area native, who graduated from Medford High School, is part of Grande's Dangerous Woman Tour, which began on Feb. 3, 2017, in Phoenix, Arizona.“Last night she called she’s doing fine, scared but everybody got out there no problem,” said her uncle Anthony Tamasi. 'Darkest of Nights': 22 Dead in Manchester Concert Attack Since the bombing, Tamasi says family members have been eagerly waiting for updates.Grande reported Monday that the European leg of the tour would be cancelled but it was unclear if the remainder would go on. Sir Roger Moore, James Bond, Dies at Age 89 “Right now we don’t know if the tour will continue, it’s up to the team,” says Tamasi.He also says that’s the last thing on his niece’s mind since she’s trying to help the victims and their families.BIA released a statement saying, “My heart is heavy today as I extend my prayers to the children and families affected by last night’s horrible tragedy in Manchester. We are sending our love to all of Manchester during this incredibly difficult time.”The 25-year-old graduated from Medford High School in 2008. Nick Kane, her former history teacher, says it’s not a surprise she’s trying to turn this into a positive.“She was always concerned about people around her in the room and she was always looking out for her fellow classmates,” said Kane.Her uncle hopes the music and BIA’s platform can make a difference, and help the victims.“My heart goes out to the people in Manchester,” said Tamasi.BIA’s uncle says the performers on tour are working on getting a fundraiser going for the victims and their families.Photo Credit: @PericoPrincess This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser. […]

  • Farewell 007: Moore Was a Gentleman's James Bond
    Posted by JERE HESTER on May 23, 2017 at 8:20 pm

    With all due respect to the great Roger Moore, he couldn't quite live up to the theme-song lyrics of his James Bond mid-career thriller "The Spy Who Loved Me," which declared of the super spy: "Nobody does it half as good as you/Baby you're the best."Sean Connery emerged for many as the first and the greatest Bond. But Moore proved himself the most pivotal player to pick up 007's Walther PPK: Not only could his Bond save the day, he saved the franchise. Sir Roger Moore, James Bond, Dies at Age 89 Moore, who died Tuesday at 89, showed that Bond movies could thrive beyond Connery's iconic portrayal (sorry, George Lazenby) – setting the stage for the enduring success of moviedom's longest-running adventure series.Beginning with "Live and Let Die," 1973's cinematic gumbo of a Bond flick, Moore established himself as a more suave rendering of Ian Fleming's post-war British hero. James Bond Actor Roger Moore Dies at 89 Moore seemed to enjoy wearing a tux more than Connery, and his requests for a martini "shaken, not stirred," came off as more coolly fashionable than a gruff order.He imbued Bond with a more wry sense of humor ("Miss Anders, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on," he quipped in "The Man With the Golden Gun”) than the less-subtle Connery version ("Shocking," he declared after his fan-in-the-tub toss in "Goldfinger"). 'Appalling': Celebs, Leaders React to Manchester Attack Both Bonds enjoyed success with the ladies, though Moore’s edition seemed more likely to stick around for breakfast, barring a call to action from M.  But while Connery's Bond was rougher, Moore's successor was no less tough.Moore, the actor, had to be a tough guy to take over from a legend and put his own mark on the role in seven outings over a dozen years that included gems (among them "The Man With the Golden Gun” and “For Your Eyes Only”). He even made the outer space misfire "Moonraker" reasonably fun.Film fans owe Roger Moore thanks for tackling what could have been a thankless job, post-Connery. So do Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig and whatever new Bonds arrive with visions of serving Her Majesty – along with future monarchs and generations of moviegoers to come.Against all odds, Roger Moore picked up a license to kill and turned it into a renewable license to thrill.Hester is Director of News Products and Projects at the City University of New York Graduate School of Journalism. He is also the author of "Raising a Beatle Baby: How John, Paul, George and Ringo Helped us Come Together as a Family." Follow him on Twitter.Photo Credit: Getty Images […]

  • 'The King of Cool': Stars React to Death of Roger Moore
    Posted on May 23, 2017 at 7:17 pm

    The passing of Sir Roger Moore was met with great sadness Tuesday as stars from across generations took to social media to express their condolences. Moore reached international stardom when he took over the role of James Bond in 1973 with the film "Live and Let Die." He would play Bond in seven films, including "The Man with the Golden Gun," "The Spy Who Loved Me," "Moonraker," "For Your Eyes Only," "Octopussy" and "A View to a Kill." Zack Snyder Exits 'Justice League' After Daughter's Death Photo Credit: Getty Images This story uses functionality that may not work in our app. Click here to open the story in your web browser. […]

  • 5 Questions With 'Love Actually' Star Martine McCutcheon
    Posted on May 23, 2017 at 7:11 pm

    One of the more anticipated events leading up to Red Nose Day on Thursday, May 25, is the short reunion film "Red Nose Day Actually," featuring much of the "Love Actually" cast. Martine McCutcheon, who played Hugh Grant's love interest "Natalie" in the romance classic, spoke about her excitement reuniting with her co-stars and why she believes the film has had an enduring impact.The original film came out 13 years ago. Why do you think fans continue to have a fascination with it? Sir Roger Moore, James Bond, Dies at Age 89 "It's such a wonderful feeling that something that was so special to you has lasted for so long. For me, it was so exciting and something I knew I was going to treasure for a lifetime. But I didn't know that the public would cherish it for a lifetime. Everyone is saying it's kind of like "It's a Wonderful Life," and part of their Christmas ritual now. We had a dinner recently with (Director Richard Curtis) and he was just blown away too. It was his directing debut and in the grand scheme of things with everything happening with September 11th we hoped our little message would help people for a short time. And here we are 13 years later and this movie has taken on it's own thing.Why do you think the film connected with people the way it has and did you get the sense at the time you were creating something special. James Bond Actor Roger Moore Dies at 89 For me the reason why it touched so many people...I mean at the time it got mixed reviews. For some it was like 'Oh, its just emotional stuff. It's romance. It's just a rom-com,'  and you forget how clever Richard is in talking about really serious, poignant things as human beings. He's got the most amazing human touch. At the end of the day everyone in the world can identify with the connection of love. We've all lost love or have yearned for love. Its the one thing we all have in common.What was it like for you being reunited with some of your cast members after all these years? 'Appalling': Celebs, Leaders React to Manchester Attack It was amazing. It was so lovely to see everyone. The only way I can explain it is you have this amazing experience when you go to college and you experience this time in your life that you'll never share with anyone else. When I got back together with those guys it was just so nice to see everyone. As one of the younger people in the cast at the time and one with the least experience they really took care of me. It was quite emotional to see everyone again. The reunion movie is taking part because of the Red Nose Day charity. Why is that significant?It's a fantastic clever link by Richard. At the end of the day it's about people coming together and understanding others struggles and the different curveballs people chuck at you in life. To link "Love Actually" with comic relief is such a brilliant teaming of two things.Would you be interested in full-feature length sequel of the film if the opportunity arose? Any actress would be crazy not to entertain anything that Richard does.  If he does something he does it well. He does it with his full heart he's so passionate about his charity work and comic relief. If he does another film I'd  one hundred percent be into it. I'd entertain anything he does. He's too good not to. Catch the "Love Actually" sequel "Red Nose Day Actually," 10 p.m. Thursday on NBC. Photo Credit: AFP/Getty Images […]