50 Years Since the Uprising!

It has been 1 year since the death of Ezell Ford and our prayers remain with his family as they struggle with the loss of Ezell and more importantly, the manner in which their beloved son, indeed a beloved citizen of Los Angeles lost his life. Our communities do care about the well being of the neighbors we share space with. Let us show that compassion by joining with Mr. and Mrs. Ford and their entire family in the call for answers about what happened to Ezell.

It has been 50 years since the Watt’s Uprising or Rebellion took place but, where are we as a community? Where are we as a nation? Where are we as a people? Given the recent state of race relations and the militaristic practices of law enforcement; as seen in many parts of our country, like Mckenny, Texas, Ferguson, Missouri, Cleveland, Ohio, Charleston, South Carolina, Sanford Florida and many other places, it is hard to see progress.

It is time that we all get involved and support the movements that are calling for change everywhere it is needed. We have definitely made some progress, yet it is apparent that we have a lot more progress to make in order to create a more perfect nation. One that actually lives up to our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and democratic ideals of governance we claim to hold so dear. Either they exist for all of us, or they exist for none of us. Which is it? Are men and women created free and granted the opportunity of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in our society or not?

Get involved and make a difference. Connect with the movements and community based organizations that are working for and making change happen in positive ways. Organize, speak out, contact government representatives by letters, email and telephone to express you views, opinions or community consensus and most certainly vote to express your choices of government representation at all levels including issues of importance. Increase the pressure as we demand equality in all areas of our social experiment. You can make a difference. You will make a difference if you participate in the fight for and practice of fair and equal treatment of others.

What are your thoughts? Post a comment and let us here from you!

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